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syqizhi Debut on 2017 Pig Industry ExhibitionHite [1550] Publish time :2017-10-20

The 2017 Pig Industry Exhibition in Chongqing on September 17 was a great success, showing the in-depth exchanges between syqizhi team and new and old customers all over the country. We want to express our sincere gratitude to customers for trust and recognition, syqizhi will make persistent efforts to provide you with better products and services!


During the exhibition, not only the competitive products of syqizhi - acidifier, heat-killed lactobacillus micro-ecological agents were exhibited, but also the insect protein Vigo-Vita, micro-ecological agents rich in zinc such as Yo-yo were introduced by syqizhi. New and old customers have shown great interest. syqizhi will continue to conduct researches and constantly introduce new products to meet the developmental needs of the market, providing green, safe and efficient products for customers to generate profits. We will suit to the new era of low zinc and antibiotics control!

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