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syqizhi Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen, China in August, 2000. The founders of the company consist of several professional individuals from wide spread of scientific fields including environmental protection, microbiology, animal nutrients and feed processing technology. syqizhi bases its business on innovation, technology and service with an emphasis on developing new biotechnology on environmental protection, nutritional solutions through the manufacture of livestock, poultry and aquaculture feed additives. syqizhi is a dynamic growing company. The branches of the company have established in different countries and regions.

syqizhi‘s founders root in the feed additives go back to 1995 to research and develop new generation of safe and green products. Meeting the needs of the pig, poultry and aquaculture, syqizhi features a line of animal feed additives including serial acidifiers, Bio-Citro, Bio-Citro 2, Bio-Lacro and probiotic, Bio-Lacto.

syqizhi’s goal is to reduce antibiotic use as much as possible in the animal field. To ensure that food for human consumption is of the best nutritional value and free of harmful antibiotic residues. syqizhi believes that through the use of natural additives such as acidifier, bioflavo and probiotic we can create a healthier environment and safe food..

syqizhi is a pioneer in the application of biotechnology to produce feed additives for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. The company utilizes biochemistry, fermentation technology, and scientific principles to develop, manufacture and support feed ingredients to improve animal health and performance. Its teams of scientists, business professionals, technicians and marketers have the confidence and resources to solve problem. 
syqizhi's corporate philosophy has always been: act in partnership with our customers to fulfill their needs and expectations.  We understand the serious challenges facing animal agriculture-whether they be the struggle of producers to improve the efficiency of animal production and the profitability of their operations, the impact of intensive livestock and poultry production on the environment, or consumer fears about the use of sub-therapeutic concentrations of antibiotics in animal feed leading to resistance in humans.  syqizhi develops the natural ingredients and strategies that will help animal agriculture meet these challenges and quickly get these tools into the hands of the animal producers. The company will continue to develop innovative products to provide real benefits to the feed manufacturer, animal producer, and ultimately, the consumer.

We are committed to the responsible stewardship of both animals and the environment; and meet this commitment by finding ways to enhance animal health and performance while limiting the impact of intensive farming practices on the environment.

syqizhi stands apart from other companies with our unique understanding of environmental and agricultural principles and technology, which make it be one such company with constantly undergoing changes. Through the company's research efforts some specific and exceptional technologies will be developed, opening the doors to even more knowledge in the area of environmental protection and agricultural industry. 

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