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Feed additives, non-added?Hite [1505] Publish time :2017-08-10

"Clenbuterol" event, so that only past animal nutritionists and manufacturers of technical personnel familiar with the feed additives, by the whole society's general concern

This is a blessing of the times, we can arbitrarily in the dazzling array of shelves choose their favorite meat, eggs, milk. However, "clenbuterol", antibiotics and other sudden jump out of a chemical term, but enlarged the public concern about animal feed additives. So, feed additives are not non-use? And how to solve the animal food quality and safety issues?

Appropriate use of feed additives is appropriate

"Now do not worry about eating and drinking, but today that there are meat in the" clenbuterol ", tomorrow, said milk there are antibiotic residues, I really do not know what to eat, what can rest assured to eat." Taiyuan shop area The vegetable market, is picking eggs, Liu Guiqin aunt constantly complain.

And Liu aunt, as food quality and safety incidents continue to occur, and now more and more people began to pay more attention to food safety: foreign eggs, eggs, eggs, delicious; eat livestock and poultry meat is no longer like eating food Large pork meat incense; good pork cut open for some time, the surface will be a layer of green ... ... With this concern, feed additives for most people is relatively unfamiliar terms, began to enter the people Vision.

So why do you want to use feed additives for livestock and poultry farming?

Provincial Academy of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute director, researcher He Dongchang so explained that the growth and development of animals and people, like energy, protein, amino acids, minerals and other trace elements and other nutrients, when the general feed can not meet the animal growth needs, Some small or trace substances in the form of additives added to the feed, to improve feed efficiency, increase palatability, promote the normal development of animals, accelerate growth, control animal diseases, easy to feed storage and preservation, improve feed processing performance and other effects The

It can be said that the production and application of feed additives, is a sign of feed with the level, there is no feed additives, it is difficult to prepare to meet the needs of animals, nutrition balanced feed.

Feed additives can be divided into nutritional supplements and non-nutritional additives. Nutritional additives, including minerals, vitamins, amino acids, mainly used to meet the growth and development of livestock and poultry nutrient requirements. For example, copper has the role of promoting growth and development; selenium and vitamin E have improved reproductive rate. Non-nutritional additives include enzyme preparations, Chinese herbal medicine additives, sweeteners, antibiotics and so on. Enzyme ingredients can balance the livestock and poultry in the bacteria; sweeteners used to increase the taste of the feed; China's unique Chinese herbal medicine additives, not only health effects, but also can improve the flavor of livestock and poultry products, taste, the industry known as green additives.

There are a wide variety of feed additives, with the development of animal nutrition, there are often new varieties of feed additives available, some feed additives will be eliminated or disabled, so feed additives are often in the old and new varieties of replacement. At present, China's Ministry of Agriculture to allow the use of feed additives are amino acids, vitamins, minerals trace elements, enzyme preparations, forage microorganisms and other 13 categories of 191; prohibited the use of feed additives are six major categories of 55 species.

Animal food safety incidents are mostly caused by illegal use or excessive use of feed additives

Feed additives in the feed with the amount of small, but the role is very large, it determines the quality of the feed. The wide application of feed additives can shorten the feeding cycle, reduce the breeding costs, give full play to the animal's production capacity, has significant economic and social benefits.

However, with the use of feed additives, meat, eggs, milk taste decline and animal food quality and safety issues, He Dongchang researchers believe that this is present in the production of agricultural and sideline products, and in a certain period of time will exist for a long time "And" quantity "of the contradiction. Because in general, livestock and poultry product quality and growth rate is inversely proportional. But over the years, in order to meet the market demand, the domestic aquaculture industry system and technology system around the increase in production to establish, in terms of quality and safety is relatively weak.

In fact, from the genetic point of view, egg shell color, egg size is determined by the breed of chickens, and nutrition is not much relationship. However, due to different varieties of eggs on the requirements of synthetic egg white, chicken can only produce about 130 eggs a year, eat the feed additive chicken can produce nearly 300 eggs, the amount of the taste worse. Pork is the same reason, according to the pig long skeleton, muscle, and then deposition of fat growth order, if according to some feed manufacturers to promote the "March 3" "April fat" slaughter, taste and feeding time is not long, fat content A certain percentage of pork.

Of course, it is precisely because of the unique role of feed additives, decided to add the amount must meet a certain percentage, there are strict limits, otherwise the feed additive residue will pollute the environment or through the meat, eggs, milk and other consumer health Must affect. Such as heavy metal copper, zinc overdose, will lead to the balance of trace elements in the soil; selenium excess, can cause livestock poisoning. Pork is green and pig in the growing season after eating a high copper feed, resulting in heavy metal copper residues in the body, after exposure to air into the sake of copper oxide. At the same time, if too much in the feed to add heavy metal elements, farm manure can not be called green organic fertilizer.

For this year's "3.15" period exposed "clenbuterol" event, He Dongchang said, "clenbuterol" called β-adrenergic receptor agonist compounds, the early 90s of last century the introduction of China. Feeding "clenbuterol" pig, lean meat, color red, sell good, some slaughterhouses and pig traders will be high-priced acquisition, farmers use is also very simple, grasp the medicine into the feed on the line. But later found that the use of "clenbuterol", the residue exceeded, will endanger human health, easily lead to poisoning. In 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, the State Food and Drug Administration jointly issued "clenbuterol" disabled directory, the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate also made clear the illegal production, sale, use of "clenbuterol" sentencing basis.

Feed additives, and human health are closely related to antibiotics, although antibiotics can promote animal growth and prevention of bacterial infections, but long-term use will lead to a large number of drug resistance problems and animal residues, the current world, many countries have feed Antibiotics to make strict rules, China's Ministry of Agriculture is currently allowed to use in the feed antibiotic drug additives have 24 species, and according to different livestock, strictly prescribed the use of different antibiotics withdrawal period. Only after the withdrawal period, eating with antibiotic feed additives of livestock and poultry products to market.

Strengthen the market regulation, the development of green and efficient feed additives, is to solve the animal food quality and safety of the key

Feed accounted for 60% -80% of the cost of farming, feed additive price is not cheap, why illegal, excessive use of feed additives also repeated non-stop it? He Dongchang researcher told reporters that feed additives in addition to meet the nutritional needs of animals, but also can improve the animal feed utilization, saving food, prevent disease, increase the product phase, such as feed to add high doses of copper, zinc, etc. can be significantly increased The growth rate of pigs, so that pigskin red hair, it looks extraordinary.

So, how should we strengthen the regulation of feed additives?

Provincial animal husbandry and animal husbandry supervision senior animal husbandry Cheng Jianguo said in the interview, due to the current domestic aquaculture production and management scattered, the market circulation of meat, eggs, milk, nearly 3/4 by the pig farm, A major problem in regulatory work. But in recent years, the province has been increasing the special governance efforts, more than 500 large-scale farmers, a rural one of the backyard households, from time to time random checks, requiring farmers to establish breeding files for livestock and poultry, the use of Feed must be a formal production license produced by the batch of feed, at the same time, also increased the self-produced feed inspection, and strive to strengthen the quality of animal food from the source of safety.

But we face the reality is that the aquaculture industry is low-profit, high-risk industries, market volatility, farmers for their own interests, will one-sided pursuit of economic benefits. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of animal food safety, in addition to perfect the quality and safety protection system as soon as possible, but also to speed up the modernization of aquaculture development, improve the level of agricultural production organization, to provide scientific farming knowledge, improve the standardization of farming skills; Quality traceability system, to achieve the full supervision of agricultural product quality and safety, a problem, well documented, to ensure that livestock and poultry products to monitor each link more targeted. On the other hand, scientific research workers should also stand in the historical and political height, the development of green and efficient feed additives and promote scientific farming model, in the premise of security, to ensure the supply of livestock and poultry products.

Newspaper reporter Bai continued macro

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