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Reasonable use of feed additivesHite [1360] Publish time :2017-08-10

In order to prevent trace elements and vitamin deficiency caused by piglet diarrhea, in the diet to add a certain amount of trace elements and vitamins is necessary. Zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin E and biotin are critical for weaning piglets. Some of them are improved by improving feed conversion efficiency. Enhance the body and immunity of pigs and play a role, while others are directly antibacterial and antibacterial effect. The amount of these substances to supply, to prevent diarrhea has a significant effect, the specific amount of use according to feeding standards. Copper can reduce intestinal urease activity, zinc can kill bacteria, which play a role in the prevention of diarrhea.

    Piglets due to weaning stress and changes in dietary composition, lack of digestive enzymes in vivo. In addition, stress has a significant effect on the increase in digestive enzyme activity. therefore. It is necessary to add exogenous enzymes to help digestion, improve feed digestibility, reduce indigestion. The enzyme preparations currently used include pepsin, cellulolytic enzymes, carbohydrolase, amylase and the like. By adding protease, amylase can make up for lack of endogenous digestive enzymes, improve protein and carbohydrate utilization. Add cellulase, xylanase and other exogenous enzymes. Can improve the diet can not be animal decomposition of oligosaccharides digestibility, and can degrade anti-nutritional factors, reduce intestinal adhesion, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients to eliminate indigestion, reduce the incidence of diarrhea.

    In the piglets feeding and weaning, the diet to add a certain amount of acidifier, can reduce the pH value of piglets stomach, promote pepsinogen into pepsin, increase the digestibility of protein in the chyme, reduce digestive disorders Incidence rate. In addition, the organic acid has a strong anti-inflammatory, bactericidal ability, can reduce the pH value by inhibiting the propagation of pathogens, which is conducive to the proliferation of probiotics, piglets to maintain the micro-ecological balance, to prevent and reduce piglet diarrhea.

    Adequate feed intake is very important for the normal growth and development of piglets. Therefore, how to improve the palatability of piglets feed, has become the concern of the pig industry. Piglets are more sensitive to the smell, the taste of the feed and smell more sensitive. Therefore, in the weaning piglets diet does not affect the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of feed flavor, not only to lure piglets to eat, as soon as possible open food, early weaning, and can increase feed intake, promote its growth and development, reduce the occurrence of diarrhea.

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