Mechanism of Acidifier for Feed AdditivesHite [1335] Publish time :2017-08-10

Acidifier introduction:

Acidifier is a kind of additive which has been researched and developed in recent years and is mainly used for young diet to adjust the environment of digestive tract. Refers to the supplementation of young animals, gastric juice secretion, reduce the pH value of the stomach and added to the feed in a class of substances. Including inorganic acids, organic acids and salts thereof. The addition of the acidifier feed is called acidified feed.

Mechanism of action:

The research and development of acidifiers is mainly based on the lower pH value of the stomach (2 or so) is not only an activator of pepsin and a necessary condition for maintaining a high activity and contributes to the softening of feed, nutrient dissolution and hydrolysis, But also plays a role in preventing pathogenic microorganisms from entering the body through the digestive tract barrier, in the stomach acid secretion of young animals, the barrier is weak, combined with immune function is imperfect, is leading to diarrhea, diarrhea, high incidence of important factors One, especially early weaned piglets, not only feed nutrient digestibility decreased, non-milk nutrient digestion is not complete, back to enter the hindgut pathogens microbial rapid propagation to adequate matrix, leading to diarrhea, production performance decreased mortality increased.


Adding to the diet in the diet or weaning diet can supplement the lack of gastric acid secretion, so that the role of early gastric acidification, thereby improving the digestibility of feed, reduce the invasion and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, reduce young animals diarrhea, diarrhea, Improve production performance, reduce mortality.

In addition, the lower pH value of the stomach can reduce the gastric emptying speed, is conducive to the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Organic acidifiers can also be used as animal energy. Some organic acids in the form of complexing agent to promote the absorption of mineral elements, and some (such as citric acid, etc.) can also play the role of flavoring agents to promote young animals feeding. The results of the addition of acidifier showed that different diets, different additives, different management conditions showed inconsistent results.

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