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“Anti (poultry) Candida Albicans and Trichomonas” by syqizhi is Granted the National Invention Patent!Hite [3] Publish time :2022-08-30

Author: Qi Jiaojiao      Proofread: Zhu Jianfeng, Hu Wenfeng


Abstract: To study the antibacterial effect of plant essential oils, which were extracted from tea tree, clove, thyme, citrus, fennel and wormwood leaves on Candida albicans in vitro, plant essential oil formula with significant antibacterial effect was selected. The Oxford cup method and broth microdilution assay were conducted to detect the inhibition zone and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) for the plant essential oils against C. albicans strains. The effect of plant essential oil combinations on morphology of Candida albicans and its prevention and control effect against Candida albicans from pigeons were observed. The results showed that citrus oil could significantly inhibit C. albicans growth with MICs against ATCC 10231 and A, B, C genotypes of 0.625, 0.625, 0.625 and 1.25 μL/mL, respectively. Treatment of C. albicans with 0.8% citrus oil and thyme oil resulted in hyphal rupture, outflow of intracellular substances and pseudohyphae fracture. In addition, 0.8% citrus oil and thyme oil could protect pigeons against C. albicans infection. In conclusion, 0.8% citrus oil and thyme oil was a potential alternative to antifungals drugs which were used for prevention and control of C. albicans infection in pigeons.

Key words: plant essential oil; Candida albicans; inhibition zone; meat pigeon


Recently, the invention patent of "A composition for the prevention and treatment of candidiasis albicans and a drug and feed additive containing the composition" applied by syqizhi was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office (patent number: ZL202010251799.7).


The present invention provides a composition for preventing and treating candidiasis albicans and mould infection and a medicine and feed additive containing the composition. The composition contains plant essential oils, plant extracts, and probiotic metabolites.


The invention provides a composition for the prevention and control of candidiasis albicans and mould infection, overcoming the problems of drug resistance and safety problem that may be caused by the use of anti-fungal antibiotics such as nystatin and amphotericin B in the process of poultry breeding. It can effectively replace antibiotics for the prevention and control of candidiasis albicans and mould infection of pigeons.


The composition can be used for preparing natural medicine, feed additives and drug dose for drinking water. It is a safe product that can replace antibiotics and has great application value in squab and poultry healthy breeding.


The "Anti (poultry) Candida Albicans and Trichomonas" product has been on market for more than two years. It was applied to many poultry breeding companies and was promoted. It can effectively deal with fungal infections such as avian candida albicans and mould as well as bacterial infection and related disease so as to enhance immunity, maintain steady group health, increase economic benefits of farming and provide enterprise with new ideas to enhance biological safety.


Invention Patent Certificate

Technology mentioned in this invention is jointly developed by syqizhi, South China Agricultural University and Poultry Disease Research Center of Poultry Breeding Department of Wens Food Group. Detailed researches were conducted in the screening of antibacterial natural substances, combinatorial optimization and protective tests on pigeons. This lays the foundation of the development and application of "Anti (poultry) Candida Albicans and Trichomonas". The research results were published in the core journal China Poultry. The following is a presentation of key trial results *.

1. Comparison of In Vitro Efficacy against Pigeon - Derived Candida albicans (Same Below)


1. Nystatin; 2. Combination of citrus oil and thyme oil; 3.DMSO (co-solvent).
FIG. 1 Inhibitory effect of plant essential oil combination on candida albicans

According to Figure 1, the antibacterial circle diameter of 0.8% citrus oil and thyme oil combination was 32.08mm, and the antibacterial circle diameter of 0.8% nystatin was 23.15mm, indicating that the inhibitory effect of 0.8% citrus oil and thyme oil combination on candida albicans was better than that of 0.8% nystatin.


1. The Effect of Different Treatment Time on the Morphology of Candida Albicans Cells


a.Control Group            b.0.5h


c.1h                d.2h

a. 0.8% nystatin; b,c and d 0.8% citrus oil and reagents combined with thymol
FIG. 2 Effects of 0.8% citrus oil and thyme oil on cell morphology of candida albicans (10000×)

As can be seen from Figure 2, a (control group): the morphology of candida albicans is round and full, and its thick membrane spore structure can also be seen.

b: After 0.5h of treatment, the bud tubes of candida albicans in the experimental group were broken, and the pseudohypcelia were crumpled and flattened. The thallus completely ruptured with the intracellular material out, only the ruptured cell wall and membrane remained;

c: After 1h treatment, the surface of candida albicans was broken in many places, and the intracellular substances were completely discharged, leading to cell flattening, and even the fault of cell wall and membrane could be seen.

d: After 2 hours of treatment, pseudohyphae were broken and wrinkles appeared on the surface of thallus.

Summary: After the combination treatment of 0.8% citrus oil and thyme oil, the thallus would rupture. The intracellular substances would flow out, and the pseudohyphae would break, leading to the death of candida albicans.

3.Test on Protection of Pigeon against Bacteria

Table 1 Crops of affected pigeons in different treatment groups



Experimental Group

Fed 200uL AntiCAT Twice

Control Group

No Treatment


FIG. 3 Anatomical lesions of pigeon crop after composition treatment

It can be seen from Figure 3 that after one treatment, the pigeons in the experimental group were in good spirits, and the intake of food and water returned to normal. However, clinical symptoms of candida albicans were observed in the control group, and white pseudomembrane was still found.


To verify whether the pseudomembrane of candida albicans recovered, the cells were dissected one day apart. Dissection of the crop revealed that the crop was clean without white pseudomembrane. After microbial isolation and identification, no Candida albicans was isolated. Therefore, the experimental group of pigeons treated with 0.8% citrus oil and thyme oil gavage, crop returned to normal, and no symptoms of candida albicans infection were found.


*Note: GUO Hanxing, WANG Zhanxin, LU Junpeng, QIN Jianping, QI Jiaojiao, HU Xuesheng, YUAN Bo, Chen Tong, FANG Xiangjie, HU Wenfeng. Effect of Plant Essential Oil on Candida albicans from Pigeon In Vitro and Protection Test of  Pigeons against Bacteria  [J]. The China Poultry,2020,42(09):47-53.DOI:10.16372/j.issn.1004-6364.2020.09.008.

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